Valentines or Galentines?

I personally think I never need an excuse to hang with the girls and as I am currently single Galentines has way more appeal.

Me and my friends have been doing Galentines before it even was a thing, we have done sleepovers, cocktails (Cosmo’s of course), tonight we are seeing the 30th Anniversary screening of dirty dancing, my fave film.

It’s just a normal day and to be honest my friends are my soul mates. So hold your loved ones close friends or partners and have a fab Valentines day!!

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Boxing Day make up look!

I was ill over Chrismas and you will see by the before photo I was not looking/feeling my normal self.

imageimageimageThe finished result I was quite pleased as it only took 15 mins to throw some make up on. I forgot to prime my face.

These are some of my fave products and I will be blogging individually about some of them through out the up coming month.

Also look out for my December favourites coming soon!


Can men and women ever be just friends?

Guys make the best friends and they don’t judge you for random fashion choices or think she looks rough if your makeup wasn’t on point.
I personally have a male sense of humour so I get guy jokes and find them funny where as some of my friends wouldn’t have a clue what they were on about, I personally blame the fact I have 2 brothers for this.
Men have the best taste in music I love indie rock and most men like the same music as me where as some of my female friends just think my music taste is a bit odd.
They can give great advice I have 3 male best friends and they give amazing advice as they see things logically they don’t have the emotion first so they tell it to you straight.

I have many male best friends and one of them I have been in a relationship with but we are best friends again and we can openly laugh all about the fact we went out and it was a bit awkward. It’s funny now we think about the silly pet names we wouldn’t dream of calling each other them now.

Best guy friends are the best with relationship drama as they give fresh perspective on everything male.

What’s your opinion?



Smashbox Full exposure palette review!

I honestly am in love with this palette, I’m obsessed the silver shades I use for nights out and the bronzy shades I use as more of a day look. I love the neutrals to.
The champagne shade is most used and my favourite matte shade cracked because it’s so well loved and I always take it if I’m traveling. I don’t use the shadow brush it comes with but that’s because I’m really into my own brushes that I use the Real Techniques brushes but the shades are really good for blending into the crease of the socket. I brought it at the airport on the way back from holiday so I did get it a bit cheaper. Honestly best palette I have ever brought. This palette retails for £39.50.

Welcome to my new blog!



Hello, my name is Ashleigh, I’m 24 and I live in the town of Northampton in England. I have a passion for all things beauty and make up related. That’s what this blog will be about beauty, makeup and the odd lifestyle post. I think going forward I would like to do fashion posts and more chatty posts and of course some monthly favourites.

I work in a primary school so this is going to be my creative outlet, hopefully you enjoy what I have to offer.

Thanks Ashleigh xxxx